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To date the statistics are as follows:


  • 8500 Market Appraisals

  • 4300 Buyers

  • 1000 Property Managements or Leasing

  • 40 Happy Real Estate Agencies
  • 140,000 Calls (approx) since 2014



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Lead Generation in Any Industry:


Real Estate is the main focus for PhoneTalk.com.au. Lead Generation is needed in all industries. Good quality Leads can turn into Sales and Orders. Your Business will benefit.


Are you looking for Clients? Why not hire a Professional Lead Generator. Talk to Decision Makers. You can be in any type of business. Lead Generation is the business. Contact PhoneTalk.com.au for a No Obligation discussion about your business.


Leads are qualified by asking all of the important questions. If it is a strong lead, you will be informed. If it is a lower quality lead, you will be informed. You will receive all of the information you need, based on the call made to the prospect.


Approximately 50% of the prospects say thank you for the call. Prospects will often address by name, showing respect for the call. This is achieved because of a unique style, and experience has proved that the calls need to be made in a certain way.


The PR is brilliant, and will ad value to your business. You will be very pleased with the results, and the fine way in which the calls are made on your behalf.


Training for RE Agencies in Phone Marketing


Would you like to be trained to effectively use the phone in marketing your services? There are ways to effectively increase the strike rate and produce results. Every job has its unique ways of doing things. Phone Marketing is no different. We have developed very effective ways of communicating with people of all backgrounds and ways of life. Why not contact us and we can explain how we can assist.


This service is offered Australia Wide because it is between us, and your Business. We can provide the training online in Video Conference.


We will look at your proposal and needs. Each RE Agency will be assessed on a case by case basis.


Taking Pride in a Stunning Record.


Note: This is a very advanced service. It is not Tele-Marketing off a "script." It is Phone Marketing, but very different. Skilled Professionalism is used. Certain industries require an understanding of the product and services. PhoneTalk.com.au will adapt to your needs. The record is truly stunning. Brilliant references have been received over six years. PhoneTalk.com.au have a large number of satisfied clients. Countless thousands of leads have been generated over a long period or time.


Real Estate Statistics:


8,500 Market Appraisals over 6 Years in R/E, and the numbers grow daily. About 4,300 Buyers and 1,000 in P.M. have also been generated. The results prove that Experience and Skill is needed. In addition about 40 very satisfied Clients have provided excellent references. We do not outsource the work. We do not trust anyone else to do it properly. You would be hiring Renato Ditomo (licensed owner) who has made about 140,000 calls in this time period. This vast experience has taught how to make the most effective RE calls to prospects in any given area.


NSW Full Coverage Offered:


Call to discuss the Phone Number Option. Your Landline or Mobile can be used. It is a Brilliant Service, and it can Personalise Your Calls. The calls will originate from your Office or Mobile Phone. You can decide on the best approach. We strongly recommend a landline number. The reason is that a landline number appears to be more 'stable.' A mobile is always on the move. The prospect will see your number on their device when they receive the call. Authorisation will be needed to setup this facility, which takes about 5 minutes, and a form to complete. This service has absolutely no affect on your phone systems in any way. This type of service is legal in Australia. Ex: People may work remotely from the office. These types of services are used more often, especially now that social distancing is a requirement in many cases. Ring to find out more...


Owner is a Fully Licensed R/E Agent:


Renato Ditomo is fully licensed. Skill and Unique Training is used to help you achieve your objectives. General Telemarketers are not effective. Dont waste your time or money with them. You need a Licensed Person that fully understands Real Estate. Our Industry is very unique.


How does it work? Do you offer a Trial?


Agencies usually hire 1-2 days per week. Generally, the Agency will keep it going. All contacts will be called. The contacts can be very recent or very old. Buyers and Sellers and PM will be sourced. Your CRM can be updated at the same time. Lead Sheets will match CRM entries.


Yes: A trial is possible. It is not free of charge. You could try out the service, for a day or two. You are not locked into any sort of long term contract. Hourly rates apply and based on a days work. Most Agents don't want to stop the service. Most agencies want everyone called.


Are you wondering... Is this is a good service? The best way to find out, is give the service a try out. Benefits include...


  • No long term contract.
  • Service operates from week to week.
  • Most agents hire one or two days a week.
  • If it performs well, keep it going.
  • If it does not perform, then terminate it.


You will need to make contact with PhoneTalk.com.au to determine availability. The workload varies from week to week. If there are no available days, then you will be contacted the moment there is free time. You will be very pleased with your decision. The cost is not usually a problem. It's very reasonable.


Covid 19 Update:


The Covid 19 has caused concern across many industries. R/E Agents may wonder whether or not, they should be calling prospects. Surprisingly, Lead Numbers have Doubled lately. Now is the Time to be Communicating. Calls can be made, but they need to be structured properly. They need to take into account the feelings of R/E prospects. Even though the Covid 19 has slowed down, it is still having affects, so care and concern is shown.


Calls are made with Kindness and Empathy.


A unique style is used. People appreciate the warm and caring nature of the call.


Location of PhoneTalk.com.au


We are located in the Bathurst NSW Region. Our work area is anywhere in the state of NSW. If you go ahead with a Phone Marketing program, it will appear that calls will originate from your own office, therefore a member of local staff.



Call to Discuss Your Needs:

(Contact Number Shown under Contact)


Renato Ditomo

Licensed Real Estate Agent


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We have a trial service available.

It is explained below..

Feel free to phone and ask questions.


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Choose Phone Talk


Reliability: You will be set up for success. Full history. All statistics have been retained since 2014 as positive proof.



Client Focused: You can customise and alter your marketing as needed. Flexibility is a key to Client Satisfaction.



Professional: A long history with extremely happy clients. Over 6 years generating thousands of quality leads.

Start Improving Your Business Today!


Are you a Real Estate Agent?


PhoneTalk can work in Any Industry! Call to Discuss.


You need our Services. Why?


You don't have the Time to Telephone Market all day long.


This kind of work is highly specialised. It might sound easy.


A Unique Style on the Phone is needed. Attract the right kind of people!


Spend your Time Wisely and Concentrate on Your Paying Clients.


PhoneTalk can Generate New Clients for you.


Why not assign this work to a Professional.


You Make Money and Save Time.


Allow a Professional to Locate Decision Makers on your behalf.


Six years of knowledge and expertise will give you a Unique Advantage.


More Clients means More Income or Business.


Reasonable Pricing


Included In a Reasonable Hourly Rate


Calls to Any Australian Landline or Mobile

Unlimited Time on the Phone

GST Included Charged Hourly

Your Phone Number is Used for All Outgoing Calls


All Calls Originate from Your Office

(Call for an Explanation)


No Lock In Contracts.


Lead Generation Types

Real Estate
Real Estate

Real Estate Lead Generation:


Over a period of six years: Number of leads include: 8,500 Market Appraisals for about 40 Real Estate Offices. 4,300 Buyers and about 1,000 Property Management Leads. 40 Satisfied Clients with excellent references. About 140,000 calls and this has provided valuable experience.


Why so many R/E Offices?


The work is completed, when all numbers have been called.


The Agent's database is used, and it has a limited number.


Brilliant References have been provided for the Service.


It is a stunning record.


Lead Quality is broken down into several types:


Short Term over three months: Long Term in excess of three months: Hot Leads:


Phone Talk can Identify Any Sort of lead.


A "hot lead" means that a person wants to Buy or Sell Now. The person might need Property Management Now.


Lower quality leads include people that wish to think about it. The person might desire a Market Appraisal in 6-12 months. Of course, that is still a Lead. The time will eventually pass.


All leads are recorded exactly as they happen on the Phone.


The Agents "crm" or online database may be updated at the same time.


A handwritten "lead sheet" is also provided by the end of the day in a PDF.


The service is brilliant, and it does work very well.


Recipients of the call appreciate it, and 50% of them say thank you. The other 50% have no problem with the call.


Recipients of the call do not hang up and they listen to what is being said.


Questions please feel free to call and have a chat.





Market Appraisals




Property Management


Successful Clients



Brilliant References can be shown if needed.

References are deliberately not displayed publicly.

Written references can be provided if needed.

Privacy for Clients is most important.

Clients individual statistics will not be released publicly.

You are not locked into a long term contract.

You are welcome to give the Service a try!

What industries do you specialise in?

PhoneTalk specialises in the following:


Real Estate Agent Lead Generation


Any Industry is fine. There is no limitation!


Can you guarantee that we will make money from the Leads Generated?
How do you price the service?



Contact Phone Talk


Renato Ditomo

Phone 02 6352 3333


Spammers and Telemarketers

Do Not Call




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